arjun kee chhaal ke phaayade

अर्जुन की छाल के फायदे

अर्जुन छाल हृदय रोग, कोलेस्ट्रोल एवं हाई ब्लड प्रेशर में रामबाण हैं , अन्य रोगो मे भी क्या काम करती हैं जाने… अर्जुन छाल के औषधीय गुण धर्म इसका रस कैशैला होता है।अर्जुन की तासीर ठंडी होती है अर्थात यह शीत वीर्य होती है। गुणों में लघू  होती है। यह हृदय विकारों में फायदेमंद एवं पित एवं कफ …

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remedy for cough

Best remedy for cough

* This use of coffee is the father of steroids in cough *                                                       Do you often cough? Is your cough too old?  Is your cough not going away even after taking medicine again and again?  And if you have become troubled by taking medicine, then the formula we are going to tell you right …

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Which food can & can't be eaten together?

Which food can & can’t be eaten together?

Eating some foods together acts as nectar – ————————- Sugar with melon, Jaggery with tamarind, Carrot and fenugreek greens, Bathua and curd raita,  Corn with Whey, Fennel with Guava, Watermelon with Jaggery, Radish and Radish Leaves, Milk or Curd with Cereals or Lentils, Cow’s Milk with Mango, Yogurt with Rice, Milk with Dates, Rice with Coconut …

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