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Neetu Agrawal


I live in the cleanest city of India i.e. Indore.

I am a mother of a 10 years naughty boy Shivya and married to Navin who too is a fitness enthusiast.

I started herbal leaves with the vision of sharing content about health and fitness.

My father is an Ayurvedic Doctor and he has come up with a lot of medicine formulas out of which 150 medicine formulas have been approved by the health department.

Because of this, I have seen a lot of medicinal and health-related books around me since childhood.

More importantly, I have seen really good results from his medicines and products.

When I grew up, I became extremely conscious about my health but faced a lot of health issues after pregnancy and C-section surgeries (I have gone under two)

One thing lead to another and I started facing a lot of health issues i.e. back pain, lack of stamina, breathlessness, sleep issues, and indigestion.

That is when I decided to take things into my hands and that I cannot live a happy life if I am not healthy.

And being healthy is not just about being physically fit, it is also about the mental aspect.

I started reading a lot and tried to investigate what is good for the body. From good food to good content that you consume.

With this blog HerbalLeaves, I want to share some of the insights that I have gathered over the years.

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Herbal Leaves is all about becoming fit

It is must for human beings to live healthy, happy and fit. And to achieve this you have to become fit physically, mentally, etc.. Herbal Leaves is all about becoming healthy and fit. So, here we are providing things which helps to live healthy life.

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