Best remedy for cough

* This use of coffee is the father of steroids in cough *


Do you often cough? Is your cough too old? 

Is your cough not going away even after taking medicine again and again? 

And if you have become troubled by taking medicine, then the formula we are going to tell you right now is the father of steroids in the case of cough. Steroids are not a medicine, doctors give it when a medicine does not work. And steroids are extremely harmful to the body. 

Here we herbal leaves is providing you the best remedy for cough, whose results have surprised many modern doctors too. So let’s know this great remedy recipe.

Required ingredients – 

One cup of brewed dark black coffee (without milk and sugar)

Two spoons of honey

Cinnamon – a pinch (as desired)

best remedy for cough - Herbal Leaves

Method of its use –

Mix two spoons of honey in a cup of hot coffee. Now sip this coffee slowly and drink it. Do this experiment twice a day. Morning and evening. Old to chronic and any type of cough gets touched by doing this experiment for a few days.

This experiment was done on 97 patients with phlegm problems, in which such shocking results were found that many multinational pharma companies lost their nights sleep and day’s rest. You can also add a pinch of cinnamon powder to make this drink more powerful.

Wishing you good health. Whenever you use this, then definitely tell us your results after a week. By the way, you will tell in advance because it gives the result so quickly.

Whenever there is a special cough, try this remedy for cough. After today, never take any cough medicine immediately. Try this first and see.

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