15 Best Indian home remedies for Diabetes

15 Best Indian home remedies for diabetes

best indian home remedies for diabetes

You must try these 15 best Indian home remedies for diabetes. Diabetes has become a very common problem. There are many reasons for this. Having diabetes causes many problems in the body.

Medicine alone does not help in diabetes. For this, other efforts are also necessary. Some best Indian home remedies are also beneficial in this. You can try them and see. The best Indian home remedies and remedies for diabetes are as follows – 

1. One should walk about 4-5 kilometers daily. Walking gives many benefits to the body. Digestion remains correct, metabolism improves, due to sweating some sugar comes out with sweat. Walking is good for the heart also.

2. After learning Yogasan, Pranayama etc, they should be practiced daily. Manduk asana is very beneficial in diabetes. Diabetes can be cured by practicing it regularly.

3. Amla is beneficial in diabetes. Regular drinking of Amla juice is beneficial in diabetes. Taking one spoon of Indian gooseberry powder with water in the morning and evening provides relief in diabetes.

4. Jamun fruit for diabetes – Regular consumption of Jamun provides relief in diabetes. Taking half teaspoon of jambul kernel powder three times a day reduces the amount of glucose in the blood.

5. Taking half a teaspoon of mango seed powder three times a day is beneficial.

6. Clean the yellow leaves of guava that have fallen in autumn, dry them and grind them. Boil two spoons of this powder in a glass of water. Filter and drink when it remains half. Taking this type of water once a day for a few days provides relief in diabetes.

7. Beel Patra (Offered to Shivji) or  Aegle marmelos, commonly called Indian Bael. Take 10-12 bael leaves and 4-5 black peppers. Mix it in a cup of water and drink it. Taking it regularly for some time reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. Diabetes is also cured by drinking four spoons of bael leaf daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

8. Mixing three spoons of bitter gourd juice in one cup of water and drinking it reduces diabetes. It should be taken thrice a day. Cut the bitter gourd into small pieces and dry them in the shade. Grind them when dry. Take one spoon of this powder with water in the morning and evening. This is beneficial in diabetes.

9. The use of fenugreek seeds is beneficial in diabetes. Its vegetables can be eaten by making. You can grind it and mix it in flour and make chapatis and eat it or fenugreek seeds can be used like this. Taking it in any way only benefits. It also has many other benefits.

10. Grind 5 kg barley, 1.5 kg gram, 1 kg soyabean, 1 kg fenugreek seeds, 1 kg wheat. eating roti or bread made from this flour, diabetes is controlled.

11. Make porridge by roasting half a kilo of peeled moong dal, half a kilo of rice, half a kilo of millet, half a kilo of wheat. Mix 50 grams of white sesame seeds and 20 grams of carom seeds in it. Take 50 grams of it and boil it in water, add rock salt, green chillies and vegetables according to your choice to taste and eat it continuously for a week in the morning and evening. This reduces blood sugar in diabetes. Eat only this for one week every month.

12. Grind gram and barley in equal quantity and eat bread made of this flour for a few days in the morning and evening, it is beneficial in diabetes.

13. Eating only gram roti for 7 days stops sugar in urine.

 14. Remove the kernels of the dates. Cut the dates into small pieces. Sucking 3-4 pieces of this 8-10 times a day provides relief in diabetes. It should take 5-6 months.

 15. Using mustard oil in daily food keeps diabetes at bay.

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