Hair problem

hair problem

Beautiful hair not only enhances the beauty of the face, but it is also a symbol of good health for a human being.

Excess hair fall can be stopped by acupressure, it can be kept black for long life and hair can be regained under certain circumstances in the event of baldness.

Hair growth and shedding are natural processes. Doctors are of the opinion that if 40-50 hair falls in a day, then there is no need to be afraid of it, but if the hair starts breaking in bunches, then special attention should be paid to the protection of the hair.

Hair fall can be due to many reasons such as paternal, hormonal deficiency or inequality, dryness, nutrition, infection and dirt in the head, anxiety, stress and mental discomfort, unfavorable environment, and any serious illness, etc.

Nowadays almost every human being whether he or she is a child, young, adult, or old, everybody is facing some kind of hair problem.

Here at herballeaves, you will come to know what are the causes of hair problems, remedies, hair tips, hair care, etc. 

Following are the topics you will come to know about – 

  1. Acupressure for hair loss
  2. How to take care of Hair?
  3. Grey hair – Cause and remedy
  4. How to stop hair fall | How to stop hair shedding
  5. Remedies for dandruff
  6. How to make hair soft and shiny
  7. Some more important hair tips 
  8. Remedies for long hair growth
  9. What are the causes of baldness | Alopecia

Acupressure for hair loss 

Hair and nails are closely related. Rub the fingernails of one hand directly across the fingernails of the other hand with a quick, rapid motion as though you were buffing them with a buffer, only you are using the finger-nails of the opposite hand as the bufferhand reflexology by Mrs. Mildred Carter. This should be done two or three times a day – for about 5 minutes per time. After a few weeks of this action, very good results start showing.

Apart from this, give pressure on the outer, inner and upper parts of the hands and toes of the feet, these parts are related to the neck and head and the blood supply to the head is from these parts.

How to take care of Hair? 

  1. The use of amla is very effective for hair ripening or late hair graying or hair fall. Make a paste by grinding gooseberry and massage it or rub it well on your scalp. This brings amazing benefits. Hair fall stops, and hair fall stops.
  2.  Dry, thin hair and hair fall: You should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as most of the vitamins cause hair fall.
  3. Hot oil treatment will maintain good condition and shine of hair. Part the hair, rub olive oil in them, and massage lightly with oil all over the head. Then squeeze a towel soaked in warm water and wrap it on the head. Do this for 15 minutes. After that wash off with shampoo and dry the hair thoroughly. Do this every fortnight for two months.
  4. To keep hair healthy, it is necessary to take a nutritious diet containing high protein. Pulses, milk, and eggs should be eaten regularly. Vegetables should be more in the diet. Eating raw garlic cloves is also very beneficial for hair.
  5. The hair should also be exposed to fresh air and gentle sunlight, but the hair should be protected from strong sunlight.
  6. Washing the head by adding a few drops of lemon in hot water or making a decoction of neem leaves or amla powdered water also cures many hair diseases.
  7. Massaging the head with mustard oil is also very beneficial.
  8. Sub-standard shampoos and soaps should not be used.

Grey hair 

 What is the cause of grey hair?

Vitamins have an effect on the color of human hair. This has been seen in experiments on animals. Due to the deficiency of Vitamin B complex, the hair starts turning white at a young age.

Remedy to stop grey hair 

To stop greying of hair, take a cup of bitter black tea (without milk) and add a teaspoon of salt to it. When the tea cools down, filter the tea and apply it to the roots of the hair. Keep it for an hour. Wash off after that. Do not add shampoo.

How to stop hair fall | How to stop hair shedding 

  1. Beat two eggs well and add two spoons of water to it. Wash the hair and pour the egg mixture on the hair. Massage your scalp and leave the mixture on for 10 minutes. Then wash the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

    2. Make a powder by rubbing half of the coconut and mixing it in a cup of hot water. Filter it and add the juice of one lemon to this filtered milk. Massage the scalp with this and leave this mixture on for 30 minutes. After that wash off with lukewarm water. Do this process once a week.

    3. Washing the hair with a little salt, keeps the scalp clean, and free from dandruff, and prevents hair fall.

    4. To stop hair fall, massage your scalp with seaweed oil twice a week. Leave the oil in the hair for an hour. Beat an egg well and rub it into the scalp. Let this also stay for an hour. After this, shampoo the hair with the powder of Reetha, Shikakai, and Amla.

Remedies for dandruff 

  1. Washing the hair with a little salt mixed with it keeps the scalp clean, free from dandruff, and prevents hair fall.
  2. To get rid of dandruff, apply lemon juice along with the peel to the scalp. Wash off after five minutes with shampoo and water. Do this process twice a week.
  3. Another way to treat dandruff is this: Add one teaspoon of pure vinegar to half a bucket of water. Apply shampoo to your hair and wash with water. But last wash with vinegar solution. The hair will become soft and it will get a nice shine.
  4. Applying a paste made from fresh fenugreek leaves on your scalp regularly before bathing removes dandruff, makes hair longer, preserves its natural color, and makes them soft like silk.
  5. For the treatment of dandruff: Mix two teaspoons of coconut oil with one teaspoon of lemon juice and massage it into the scalp. Leave it for two hours, then wash your hair with lukewarm water. Dry the hair with a soft towel before combing.
  6. Here is a cheap recipe for the treatment of dandruff, take four spoons of gram flour and let it soak in a little vinegar for 15 minutes, then apply this paste on the scalp and leave it for about half an hour and then wash it thoroughly.

How to make hair soft and shiny 

  1. If the hair is not settling and there is a lot of dandruff, then massage the scalp with three days old curd. After that leave it for half an hour, then wash off with shampoo. Do not keep yogurt in the refrigerator.
  2. Adding a few drops of glycerin to thick shampoo and liquid soap makes it nice and clean.
  3. Apply vinegar solution to soften the hair. It is also suitable for removing soap scum. Mix four teaspoons of vinegar in three glasses. After that wash well.
  4. If your hair is looking dull, then after applying shampoo, mix lemon juice in water and wash it with it, then your hair will come back to its old condition and it will start looking beautiful, and shiny.

Some more important hair tips 

  1. Spray perfume on your grooming brush and comb through. This gives perfume to your hair. Will stay for a long time.
  2. Grandmother says that to keep your hair always beautiful, you should brush your hair 100 times a day. By combing, the circulation of blood will be more in the hair roots. This will bring out the dirt and grime. The natural oil will continue to be distributed and hair will be smooth, shiny, and smell good.
  3. Clean your comb with a mixture of equal amounts of salt and flour.
  4. If the end ends of the hair are divided into two parts then cut the divided parts, otherwise the hair growth will stop.
  5. Wet hair should never be combed because the hair is very weak and elastic when it is wet. They break and split easily in this condition.
  6.  If not every day, then at least wash the comb twice or thrice a week and dry it in strong sunlight. Never use a metal comb.
  7. Add lemon juice to the strained tea leaves and apply to the hair. This can effectively prevent the fall of the buns and at the same time make the hair smooth and soft.
  8. Instead of washing with soap, wash your hair with filtered tea. After that wash off with plenty of water.
  9. Soak fenugreek seeds in coconut oil. It becomes medicine and can be used to cool the scalp, similar to hair oil.
  10. Massage your scalp with warm coconut or castor oil twice a week for dry and falling hair. Make a circular massage by pressing with the ends of your fingers. Leave it for one night and wash it off the next day with shampoo. It removes dryness and prevents dandruff and not only stops hair fall but also strengthens the hair roots.
  11. Make a paste by grinding fenugreek seeds and apply it to the hair and wash it. It not only makes hair long, healthy, and black but also hair fall, baldness, and dandruff. shuts down.

Remedies for long hair growth 

  1. If you want to make your hair long and attractive, then boil 2 or 3 twisted parsley (celery) leaves in water, remove them from the fire and cool, filter the water and add lemon juice to it. Wash your hair with this mixture after washing your hair.
  2. For long and attractive hair growth : Wash your scalp daily with a mixture of gram flour and curd.
  3. To increase hair and make them black, soak some gooseberries in a little milk for two hours and grind a handful of henna leaves and make a fine paste, mix well and rub it on the roots of the hair one hour before shampooing.
  4. The women of Kerala use the following cosmetics for their long and attractive hair:

5. Extract coconut milk without using water and boil it until the oil comes out. Use this oil for hair. After extracting the oil, the dark almond color will remain, and it can be eaten. Do not make this oil in large quantities, but make it so that it will last for a week. If you wish, you can mix perfume of any flower.

What are the causes of baldness | Alopecia 

Hereditary, infectious disease, not enough sunlight in the hair, and excessive functioning of the oil glands of the hair.

  1. If baldness has started from childhood, then apply onion for a few days.
  2. Pouring hot water and cold water alternately on the head is as important as a tonic for the hair and scalp. Because of this, the circulation of blood in those organs becomes faster. As much hot water as you can tolerate and on the other hand as cold water as you can get except ice, alternately soak clothes in cold water and wrap clothes soaked in hot water, if you can not tolerate pouring water on the head. Hot water followed by cold water and pouring should be done at least 5 to 6 times in one treatment, if you can double it is even better. It will not cause any harm. If there is life left in the roots of the hair, then the hair will start coming out on its own. This procedure will have a tonic effect, which will be more effective than other therapies. 

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