Benefits of Cow’s ghee

benefit of cow ghee

Know what are the benefits of Cow's Ghee -
  1. Putting cow’s ghee in the nose ends madness.
  2. Putting cow’s ghee in the nose ends allergies.
  3. Putting cow’s ghee in the nose also cures paralysis.
  4. By feeding (20-25 grams)ghee and sugar candy, the intoxication of alcohol, cannabis and ganja is reduced.
  5. By putting cow’s ghee in the nose, the ear veil gets cured without operation.
  6. By pouring ghee in the nose, the dryness of the nose is removed and the mind becomes fresh.
  7. By putting cow’s ghee in the nose, one can get out of the coma and can regain consciousness.
  8. By putting cow’s ghee in the nose, hair fall ends and new hair also starts 
  1. If there is burning sensation in the hands and feet, massage the cow’s ghee on the soles, it cures the burning sensation.
  2. If the hiccups do not stop, eat half a spoonful of cow’s ghee, the hiccups will stop by themselves.
  3. Regular consumption of cow’s ghee reduces the complaints of acidity and constipation.
  4. Cow’s ghee increases strength and semen and also increases physical and mental strength.
  5. If there is more weakness, then drink a glass of milk by adding a spoonful of cow’s ghee and sugar candy.
  6. If there is burning sensation in the palm and soles of the feet, massaging cow’s ghee will bring relief from the burning sensation.
  7. Cow’s ghee not only prevents cancer from arising and also stops the spread of this disease in a wonderful way.
  8. The person who is suffering from a heart attack and is forbidden to eat greasy, then eat cow’s ghee, the heart becomes strong.
  9. Desi cow’s ghee has an unmistakable ability to fight cancer. Dangerous cancer of the breast and intestine can be avoided by its consumption.
  10. Ghee, black gram with rind and powdered sugar (bura), mixed all these three ingredients in equal quantities and tied the laddus. In the morning on an empty stomach, eat a laddu (chew it a lot)  with a glass of sweet lukewarm milk (drink it sip by sip), it provides relief in leucorrhoea, the body of men becomes fat, fresh i.e. shapely and strong.
  11. Applying cow’s desi ghee on the blisters provides relief.
  12. Massaging cow’s ghee on the chest helps in expelling mucus from children.
  13. If a snake bites makes the patient drink 100-150 grams of ghee, drink as much lukewarm water as you can, so that vomiting and diarrhea will occur, but the venom of the snake will be reduced.
  14. Putting two drops of desi cow’s ghee in the nose in the morning and evening cures migraine pain. 
  1. If you feel heat in the body when there is a headache, then massage the cow’s ghee on the soles of the feet, the headache will be cured.
  2. Remember that the consumption of cow’s ghee does not increase cholesterol. The weight also does not increase, but balances the weight. That is, the weight of a weak person increases, the obesity (weight) of an obese person decreases.
  3. Mixing one spoon of cow’s pure ghee, one spoon of boora and 1/4 spoon of ground black pepper, after licking these three on an empty stomach in the morning and at bedtime, drinking warm sweet milk from above increases the eyesight.
  4. Beat the cow’s ghee in cold water and then separate the ghee from the water, do this process about a hundred times and mix a little camphor in it. Ghee obtained by this method is converted into an effective medicine, which can be used in a miraculous way in all skin diseases. It is also effective for psoriasis.
  5. Cow Ghee is a good cholesterol (LDL). Patients with high cholesterol should eat only cow’s ghee. It is also a very good tonic.
  6. If you use a few drops of cow’s ghee thrice a day, in the nose, it balances the tridoshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha).

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