Tips for Babysitting

Tips for Babysitting
Babysitting, Vitamins, and
Normal Food –

  1.  All children need vitamin ‘C’. Give children orange juice dissolved in water. Ask the doctor about its quantity.
  1. Duck eggs should never be given to children.
  2. Children from 11 years to 16 years of age need 9.5 to 10 hours of sleep but very few people follow it.
  3. Children’s stomachs have limited capacity, but their energy demands are very high. That’s why babies should be fed every 3-4 hours.
  4. Fruits with seeds like orange, watermelon, grapes, etc. should not be given to young children. If you want to give, first remove its seeds.

For healthy physical development of children –

  1. Take out the juice of carrot and add some honey or sugar to it for taste and give it to children daily.
  2. If the child is weak from birth, give him daily grape juice mixed with some water.
  3. Mix half the quantity of honey in onion juice. start giving it, a little of this mixture daily to the child every morning on an empty stomach for a month or two. By doing this, the child’s ability to resist colds, and insect-related problems will increase, the blood will be clean and the child will develop properly. 

Cold –

  1. If the child has a cold, cough, etc., due to which his nose is blocked and his chest gets clogged with cold, then use the following to massage the chest –

Heat half a cup of mustard oil and add five garlic cloves. When they turn black, take them off the fire and cool them, fill it in a bottle and use it when needed.

  1. Heat the oil prepared in the above manner and if there is a pain in the ear of the child, then put two drops of this oil in both ears. 

    remedy for cough & cold in kids

Cough –

  1. Mixing a little honey and black pepper in carom seeds (Ajwain) will stop the cough of children, and it will reduce the pain in the lungs.
  2.  Mix equal quantities of ground cloves, sugar, and some honey and give little by little to the children to suck.
  3. If whooping cough has spread in the neighbourhood, then to protect healthy children from it, mix four-five drops of garlic juice with honey and let the children suck it slowly. Or mix some garlic juice with some sesame oil and give the child a small portion at a time.

Also, By giving all three types of vaccines to children of three months or more, one gets rid of whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, and polio disease for life.

Breast milk and milk – 

  1. Babies who are fed breast milk are less likely to have diarrhea (dilute stools) than babies who are fed bottled milk. The closest substitute (instead) of mother’s milk is donkey’s milk.
  2. Breastfeeding is very important for the baby, not only because he receives nutritious food from the mother, but it also brings emotional and psychological benefits to him/her. In addition to economic savings and convenience, breast milk is a nutritious and bactericidal food for the child. It causes fewer allergies in children.
  3. If the mother takes medicines like salicylates, and tetracyclines, then it would not be a good idea to give breast milk to the babies. In any case, mother’s milk is the best milk. This is universally accepted, so breastfeeding should be encouraged. , 

Practical Points for Lactating Mother –

  1. Only a happy and relaxed mother can be successful in collecting good milk from her breasts.
  2. Immediately after giving birth, give her your breast milk. If possible, within 30 minutes.
  3. For as long as the child can breast milk, feed it compulsorily for at least two years.
  4. On the demand of milk, that is, when the child cries, give him or her breast milk.
  5. Give breast milk to the child even when he or she is sick, especially when he or she has got diarrhea.

The habit of eating soil –

  1. If the child has a habit of eating clay, give him pure fine red toil. He or she will become disinterested and will give up the habit of eating soil.
  2. Mix the juice of small brinjal with some pure asafetida and give it a drink, the habit will be removed.

Worms, diarrhea, colic –

  1. If your baby is crying because of worms in the stomach, rub reetha in the palm of your hand in warm water to get the foam. Apply this foam around the baby’s navel. Also, give it a smell. This will give relief to the child’s stomach ache.
  2. If your child is having loose stools, give a spoonful of very light tea without sugar and milk in the beginning. If it is just a simple disturbance, then do this treatment twice a day for two days, and the disturbance will go away. Tea is a medicine to stop loose stools.
  3. If the child has stomach pain, mix the dry ginger powder with the juice of basil leaves and lick the child.

For infants –

  1. On the demand of milk, that is, when the child cries, give him breast milk.
  2. Give breast milk to the baby even when he is sick, especially when he has diarrhoea (dilute stools).
  3. Weigh the baby every month.
  4. When the baby is five months old, start giving him or her soft and half-solid food.
  5. Feed your baby five or six times a day.
  6. Protect food from flies.
  7.  Give boiled water.
  8. Wash your hands and your baby’s hands thoroughly before feeding.
  9. Boil the milk given to the little child four to five times.
  1. If the child is unable to eat, and if his stomach is bloated, then heat some basil juice and give it to the child. Keep giving basil juice occasionally, so that the child’s simple complaints will continue to go away.

 If the child urinates on an unknown bed while sleeping:

  1. Dissolve the root of wild jasmine in milk cream and feed the child on an empty stomach every morning for seven days.
  2. Spread a handful of raw rice under the child’s bed at night, on the second day in the morning, fry them and feed it to the child for three consecutive days.
  3. Take some soil under the bed on which the child is sleeping. Fry it, grind it and mix it with honey and feed it continuously for three days.
  4. Take some soil extracted from the rat’s burrow, mix it with honey and feed it continuously for three days. But the child should not be aware of these remedies.

If there is a white powder-like substance in the urine of the child, then mix some rock salt in milk and give it twice a day for seven days.

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