Dwayne Johnson Diet Plan

Dwayne Johnson diet plan

Looking for a Dwayne Johnson diet plan?

This blog is solely dedicated to Hollywood’s Fittest Actor Dwayne Johnson complete diet plan.

Dwayne Johnson since his wrestling career has given his health an utmost priority. For Dwayne being healthy is not only a choice but his testament showing his sheer will and dedication.

Black Adam actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the Richest Hollwyood Actors for him to eat with caution doesn’t make any sense.

Still, the actor rigorously plans his diet and has eliminated any unwanted foodstuff which disturbs his body structure and adversely affects his health.

Dwayne Johnson has been a pro-wrestler for more than a decade and it’s natural for him to have a large diet plan owing to his body muscle and massive well-chiseled physique.

So, let’s check out Dwayne Johnson diet plan which has made him Hollywood’s Most Ripped & Muscular actor.

Calories Intake!

Dwayne Johnson when he was completely occupied by his wrestling career used to have an intake of more than 8000 calories per day.

Especially, when Dwayne Johnson had to prepare for specific movie roles like The Scorpion King, Fast Five, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Hercules, and so on.

Dwayne Johnson once in an interview also mentioned that while preparing for movies roughly he ate 10 pounds of food per day.

When The Rock is not preparing for movies his calorie intake gets reduced to 6000 calories per day.

He divides his calorie consumption among 5 to 6 meal portions and follows this diet plan for the entire week except on cheat days.

Dwayne Johnson Diet Plan – Meals Break-Up

Dwayne Johnson diet plan

1st. Meal – Breakfast

Dwayne Johnson diet plan begins with breakfast. As it’s the first meal of the day.

It’s pivotal to nail this meal to perfection as it lays the foundation for the rest of the meals.

Thus, Dwayne prefers to have the cream of rice or oatmeal usually with some buffalo and eggs.

2nd. Meal- Post Workout

Johnson tries to keep it rich in carbohydrates.

It consists of rice, which acts as a fast-acting carb, he also prefers eating sweet potatoes to have a change in the palate.

He also likes to add his carbs with protein for which his preferred choice is chicken. 

3rd. Meal – Afternoon Cravings

Everyone is aware of the afternoon cravings. It’s not easy to keep them in check.

The same goes with Hobbs & Shaw actor Dwayne Johnson. But, he doesn’t submit to his afternoon cravings by eating unhealthy stuff.

Dwayne Johnson usually goes with a chicken rice bowl, sometimes he also prefers buffalo meat along with leafy greens.

4th. Meal – Fish Fiesta

Dwayne Johnson is not a big fan of Salmon. 

Yeah, you heard it right, one of the best sources of protein is also one of the most hated dishes in the eyes of The Rock.

Still, owing to fishes like cod and salmon’s protein potential Johnson had to eat them in his evening meals.

5th. Meal – Pre-Bedtime

Johnson likes to keep his last meal of the day pretty plain and simple.

He takes a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and greens.

Dwayne Johnson diet Plan for Cheat Days

Dwayne Johnson can be considered a pioneer in making ‘Cheat Days’ so famous.

Mostly, people carry a misconception that if you want to remain healthy you need to say goodbye to all sorts of junk foods, fast foods, oily foods, and so on.

But, Johnson to a greater extent has tried to bust this myth. As he is an ardent supporter of cheat days.

One of the popular lines in the context of cheat days of Dwayne is “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself, my friends. Enjoy your cheat day”.

Dwayne considers his cheat day meals as a badge of honor. He believes that when you work hard tirelessly throughout the week, you have earned your cheat meal.

Johnson in his cheat meals loves eating cheeseburgers

Well, who doesn’t?

He gives his cheeseburger added twist with the inclusion of bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, & fries.

Then, he follows it with some sugar punch by having cookies, coffee cake, or apple fritter bread.

Dwayne Johnson’s Mental Preparedness over his Diet Plans

Dwayne believes in proper channelizing of energy as its crucial in following any diet plan religiously.

Johnson is always mentally prepared about his every day concerning how it’s going to be and what kind of energy output is going to be required.

Earlier, Dwayne used to just work like a horse leading to an improper balance between his mind and body.

Over the years, he has mastered the art of restoring and preserving energy and has also created energy drinks to aid him in creating much-needed balance. 

Dwayne Johnson is the creator of one of the world’s most famous health drinks ‘ZOA’ containing a unique combination of powdered caffeine, amino acid, and carbohydrate along with a 100% Vitamin punch consisting of 100% vitamin C, 100% vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12, and vitamin D.

Dwayne Johnson’s Way of Maintaining a Disciplined Diet

Dwayne believes that everyone is their own’s best well-wisher.

Every person must remain healthy and achieve their desired goal, whether to gain weight or lose weight.

For Rock execution matters the most than discipline. If anyone’s execution is not right it can discourage them.

So, Dwayne Johnson’s advice is not to take these executional failures personally.

All, they need to do is re-examine and re-group themselves, they may call an expert or re-identify their goals.

The same happens with diet plans, as it’s never easy to follow especially for longer intervals.

When it comes to food, all the tongue needs is taste and when you decide to eat healthily, the situation can go out of hand at any moment.

Because in front of your cravings you can quickly become vulnerable.


Following Dwayne Johnson diet plan can be a daunting task and telling you to follow the exact diet plan would be wrong.

As everybody has their requirements, one can’t adopt just someone else diet plan and expect to have the same results.

According to Dwayne Johnson, a diet plan is a work of execution and discipline. If you want to remain fit and healthy you need to be true to your diet plans.

Even, if you fail, no need to be anxious just redirect your approach and find another way to achieve your desired goal.

Also, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson rightly puts, “health and fitness is everything, and our health is everything. We only get one shot at this thing called life, and we only get one body, so we want to take care of it as best we can.”

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