Remedy for good health

remedy for good health

250 grams Fenugreek seeds

100 grams Ajwain

50 grams black cumin

Bake (don’t over bake) all the above ingredients. Mix all the three and make powder in the mixer and fill it in a box-vial or jar.

Take a spoonful of powder with a glass of lukewarm water at bedtime. It is very important to take it with hot water, do not eat or drink anything after taking it. 

*People of all ages can take this powder*.

By taking the powder daily, the dirt (garbage) accumulated in the body will come out through feces and urine. 

The full benefit will be felt in 80-90 days, when the excess fat will melt, new pure blood will circulate. Wrinkles of the skin will go away on its own. The body will become bright, energetic and beautiful.

“Benefits” –

  1. Stubborn diseases like arthritis will go away.
  2. Bones will be strong.
  3. The brightness of the eyes will increase.
  4. Hair will grow.
  5. Freedom from chronic constipation forever.
  6. Blood will start running in the body.
  7. Freedom from cough.
  8. The working capacity of the heart will increase.
  9. There will be no tiredness, and you will run like a horse.
  10. Memory power will increase.
  11. The woman’s body will become beautiful instead of bedridden after marriage.
  12. Deafness of the ear will be removed.
  13. You will be free from the side effects of allopathic medicine in the past.
  14. Cleanliness and purity will increase in the blood.
  15. All the blood vessels of the body will be purified.
  16. Teeth will become strong, the enamel will remain alive.
  17. Impotence will go away.
  18. Diabetes will remain under control, the medicine you take for diabetes has to be continued. 

The effect of this powder will be visible after two months. 

Life will become healthy, enjoyable, worry free, invigorating and healthy. Life will be worth living.

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