Papaya leaf in Cancer

papaya leaf in cancer

Papaya leaf tea will cure cancer of any stage in just 60 to 90 days and just papaya leaves can cure 3rd and 4th stage cancer in just 35 to 90 days. 

Till now we have only used papaya leaves in a very limited way, however, when platelets are reduced or skin related or any other minor use, but today what we are going to tell you, it will really surprise you. You can eliminate the dreaded disease like cancer from the root in just 5 weeks.

This is the power of nature and is the study of Balbir Singh Shekhawat ji who is currently working as a Govt. Pharmacists are offering their services in Sikar district. 

Many types of scientific research have revealed that all parts of papaya such as fruit, stem, seed, leaves, and root all have the ability to destroy cancer cells and stop their growth. 

The properties of destroying cancer cells and stopping its growth are found especially in papaya leaves. So let’s know from them. 

Research conducted at the University of Florida (2010) and international doctors and researchers from the US and Japan has shown that papaya leaves have the ability to destroy cancer cells. 

According to Nam Dang MD, Phd, who is a researcher, papaya leaves can eliminate direct cancer, according to him, papaya leaves can eliminate about 10 types of cancer, of which the main ones.

Breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervix cancer, the higher the amount of papaya leaves added to it, the better the result is. If papaya leaves can not eliminate the cancer but definitely it can stop the progression of cancer. 

So let’s know how papaya leaves eliminate cancer?

  1. Papaya increases the production of anti-cancer molecule Th1 cytokines, which provides strength to the immune system, thereby eliminating cancer cells.
  1. Papaya leaves contain papain salt, a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down the protein envelope present on the cancer cell, making it difficult for the cancer cell to survive in the body. 

Papain goes into the blood and stimulates macrophages that start destroying cancer cells by stimulating the immune system, the difference between chemotherapy/radiotherapy and papaya leaves treatment is that chemotherapy suppresses the immune system whereas papaya immune Stimulates the system, normal cells are also affected in chemotherapy and radiotherapy Papaya Sorf destroys cancer cells.

The biggest thing is that there is no side effect of papaya in the treatment of cancer.

Method of consuming papaya in cancer: 

Papaya tea is the best in cancer. Make papaya tea 3 to 4 times a day, it is going to be very beneficial for you. Now let’s go to the method of making papaya tea.

  1. First dry 5 to 7 papaya leaves well in the sun, then break them into small pieces, put some dried papaya leaves in 500 ml water and boil them well.

Boil it till it remains half. Make it 125 ml and drink it twice a day. And if you have made more than you drink it 3 to 4 times a day. Store the remaining liquid in the fridge and use it if needed. And be careful not to heat it again.

  1. Take 7 fresh papaya leaves, mash them well with your hands. Now put it in 1 liter of water and boil it, when it is 250 ml. Take 125 ml at a time. Drink it twice a day i.e. in the morning and in the evening. You can do the same experiment 3 to 4 times a day.

The more you use papaya leaves, the sooner you will get the effect. And you do not have to drink anything for half an hour after drinking this tea.

How long to do this experiment, although this experiment will show you your result in 5 weeks, still we will instruct you to use it for 3 months. And those people who have experienced this have also corrected those people who had third and fourth stage in cancer.

Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. does not confirm these. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned specialist.

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