Is Carrot good for diabetes?

Is Carrot good for diabetes?

Is Carrot good for diabetes?

People with diabetes may find themselves wondering whether they should consume carrots or not. Is Carrot good for diabetes, etc.

In short, the answer is yes carrot is good for diabetes. Let me tell you how?

Carrot is a non-starchy vegetable. So, carrots may be a great addition to a healthy diet for people with diabetes. Carrots contain plenty of important nutrients that benefit blood sugar levels, such as vitamin A and fiber.

Carrot is a very precious gift of nature which is a storehouse of energy. Carrot is a fruit as well as a vegetable and it is grown all over India. Like radishes, carrots also grow underground. 

By consuming carrots, the body remains soft and beautiful, energy flows through the body and weight also increases if you are underweight. By feeding carrot juice to children, their teeth come out easily and milk is also digested properly. Consuming carrots is very useful in piles, tuberculosis, bile, and as mentioned above carrot is good for diabetes too etc. Carrot juice is considered very good for the brain. Consumption of carrots keeps the body healthy and also increases the immunity of the body. Burning of the anus is also removed by its use. 

Other uses of carrot in various diseases 

Carrot in Pregnancy

Drinking carrot juice during pregnancy does not cause septic disease and there is no calcium deficiency in the body. Mothers feeding babies should consume carrot juice regularly. This increases the quality of her milk. 

Carrot in Diarrhea

Consuming carrots cures chronic diarrhea, indigestion and storage diseases. Consuming pickled carrots reduces enlarged spleen. Mixing a little rock salt in half a cup of carrot juice and licking it about 4 times a day cures loose motions.

Carrot in Liver disease

The patient suffering from liver disease gets benefits by consuming carrot juice, carrot soup or hot decoction of carrot. 

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