4 Happiness Chemicals

4 happiness chemicals

Our happiness is related to four chemicals that are released by our bodies.

4 Happiness chemicals are as follow –


Dopamine is released when we exercise and it makes us feel good temporarily.

Endorphin is released when we accomplish something substantial in life and again it gives us temporary happiness.

Endorphin, happiness chemical - herbal leaves

Serotonin is released when we connect with others in a way that benefits others, when we connect with others in a deep and meaningful way.
That’s why many billionaires have given up their wealth into charity for the lack of peace of mind and mental balance.

Oxytocin is released when we become close to others and connect with a friend by shaking hands, hugging a friend, laughing with them etc, when we become social.

Oxytocin, happiness chemical - herbal leaves

There’s so much to learn from our bodily reactions.
Our bodies exhibit itself through all these ways.

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