Benefits of oiling Belly Button

benefits of oiling belly | navel button

The navel is a wonderful gift of nature!

Did you know the birth of the womb is behind the navel and it is nourished by the nerve associated with the mother and hence the navel remains warm for three hours after death.

A complete child form is formed after nine months of conception i.e. 270 days. All the nerves are connected with the womb through the navel. That’s why the navel is a wonderful part.

On the back side of the navel, there is a pechoti or navel button. In which more than 72000 blood arteries are located.

According to ayurveda, the navel button plays a very important role in our body.

According to ayurveda, applying pure ghee or oil of native cow in the navel can be a remedy for many physical weaknesses.

  • Remedy for dry eyes, weak eyesight, shiny skin and hair – 

navel button benefits - shiny skin, herbal leaves

Before sleeping, put 3 to 7 drops of pure Indian cow’s ghee / coconut oil in the navel and spread it around one and a half inch around the navel. 

  1. Remedy in knee pain – 

Before sleeping, put three to seven drops of castor oil in the navel and spread it around one and a half inches.

navel button benefits - cure knee pain, joint pain, herbal leaves

  1. Remedy for body tremors and joint pain and dry skin –

Before sleeping at night, put three to seven drops of mustard or mustard oil in the navel and spread it around one and a half inches.

  1. Remedy for pimples on the mouth and cheeks – 

navel button benefits - cure pimples, herbal leaves

Put three to seven drops of neem oil in the navel in the above manner.

The reason for pouring oil in the navel –

Our navel knows which of our blood vessels is drying up, so it makes the oil flow in that artery.

When the child is small and his stomach hurts, then we used to apply a mixture of asafoetida and water or oil around his stomach and navel and his pain disappeared immediately. That is the only work of oil.

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