What is cold press Oil?

what is cold pressed oil?

Is it the best oil for deep fry?

Cold press or Kacchi Ghani is an oil extraction process that includes taking out oil from oil seeds, not by majorly used heat pressed methods but by the cold-pressed process.

The traditional way of oil extraction was by the use of kohlus which included a wooden machine rotated by an animal like a cow crushing the seeds at a low temperature. This process retains all the natural properties and essential vitamins of the seed.

Now, the kohlus are replaced by machines and motors that extract oil at low temperatures unlike the machinery used in solvent extraction and refining process.

High-temperature processes sure get more quantity of oil from seeds but could be harmful to health in various ways. It does not just evaporate essential nutrients from the oil but adds harmful chemicals to it.

Cold press oil keeps the natural essence of the oil intact. It retains the actual flavor and aroma of the oil. The process is very natural and does not add any chemicals to the oil providing all the nutrition present in oil seeds.

You must have heard refined oil when reheated, is harmful to the human body. The reason behind it is that refined oil is already processed at high temperatures and with chemicals and fatty acids, heat worsens the quality of the oil. Therefore, deep frying and reheating are considered harmful.

But, with Cold press oil, you don’t have to worry about this given it is prepared at low temperatures. These can be used for frying without harming health.

Using refined oils could unfence you to various health problems – Respiratory issues, liver damage, infection to the skin, cancer probability. Heart attacks, ulcers, tumors, diabetes, renal problems, infertility, arthritis, premature aging, etc.

Cold pressed oil refrains you from all these health issues. It gives you a healthy life. It brings you 100% fresh and natural oils to keep you disease-free.

So, replace your refined oil right now with Kacchi Ghani Oil and give yourself health!

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