Yoga for Weight Loss

Reduce Weight and Become Fit with these Yoga Asanas

If you want a healthy body, try yoga. Yoga is an ancient Indian art of meditation that allows you to lose all the extra flab that your body has accumulated over the years. This is a great method of fat reduction and helps to control weight.

The reason yoga is so popular is that it has no side effects. There are a few yoga asanas that are specially meant for reducing weight. Yoga improves the metabolism of the body by acting on hormonal secretions.

So, apart from the fact that it helps reduce weight, it also helps achieve a better muscle tone and keeps you healthy and fit.

Yoga to reduce weight: How is it possible?

Yoga has no side effects so it is the perfect way to lose weight. With yoga, there is no need for binging or starving. There will be no anorexia.

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Many people are using yoga for weight loss in order to maintain ideal body weight with respect to their height and lifestyle.

Yoga is a simple method of weight reduction but is very effective. The deep breathing that is done in yoga helps the intake of oxygen in the body to increase.

Oxygen reaches each cell in the body and helps to burn the fat in fat cells. People are not only using yoga to lose weight but also to help cure their anxiety. Anxiety is the main cause of overeating, which further leads to weight gain.

Sometimes, lethargic thyroid glands also need to be activated with yoga asana. The thyroid glands start functioning properly and their secretions help to lose weight.

How to lose weight through yoga:

Those who want to use yoga for weight loss can do the following asana:

Paschimottanasana, Bhujangasana, Halasana, Dhanurasana, Veerasana, Trikonasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana.

These asanas are meant for weight reduction but need to be done regularly to help reduce flab.

  • Sarvangasana and Matasyasana are good asanas for improving the functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Surya namaskar [salute to the sun] is also a good asana of yoga to lose weight.
  • By doing Pranayamas daily, you can not only lose weight but also improve your fitness levels and muscle tone. Pranayamas include Kapalabhatti, Anuloma-Viloma and Bhastrika.
  • Vaman Dhauti and Shanka Prakshalana are Kriyas for cleaning the body. These asanas Help to detoxify the body and can be used as yoga for weight loss.   

Yoga must be done regularly in order to give maximum benefits. Apart from doing yoga to lose weight, you must live a healthy lifestyle. Eat at regular timings and stay far away from junk food and carbonated drinks.

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