Tomato | Spinach | Bitter gourd | Bottle gourd Juice benefits

Tomato | Spinach | Bitter gourd | Bottle gourd Juice benefits

These green vegetables are a boon for health, drink their juice daily.

People who do not like green vegetables can drink their juice. Anyway, nowadays the trend of drinking green vegetable juice has increased a lot among people. A large amount of protein and energy is found in a glass of green vegetable juice, due to which our body gets all kinds of nutrition. Mixing vegetable juice not only prevents diseases but also improves the skin.

Tomato juice benefits

It is more beneficial to drink tomato juice with beetroot, carrot, cucumber, etc. Lycopene and beta carotene present in tomatoes are helpful in boosting immunity of the body. The vitamins and calcium found in it are helpful in removing bone diseases and preventing heart-related problems.

Bitter gourd juice benefits

Bitter gourd juice cures diabetes and also removes the fat stored in the body. If you feel bitter in drinking this juice, you can add lemon juice.

Bottle gourd juice benefits

Its juice plays an important role in reducing obesity, high blood pressure, gallstone diseases, heart disease, and cholesterol. Drink it in limited quantity and if it is bitter then don’t drink it.

Spinach juice benefits

This juice can be beneficial for those who are dieting. It is full of vitamins and proteins. Bones are strengthened by drinking spinach juice. It is also advised to drink spinach juice to keep the digestion process healthy. It is helpful in removing toxins from the body. The carotene and chlorophyll present in spinach are helpful in preventing cancer. Apart from this, it is also good for eyesight.

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